Media Channels

With one and the same system and an order, you can advertise in all traditional media channels

The system handles all 6 media channels for you automatically!

News Media

With display ads, you reach the major news media, as well as local press in more niche areas such as interior design, sports and business.

The system optimizes media procurement and analyzes which media channels best suit your advertising

With a wide range of media partners, SpiderAds can handle advertising in all traditional media channels. The procurement and how each media channel performs is analyzed in real time and optimizes your ad for the right media channel automatically.

You can also select the media channel yourself if you wish. SpiderAds can handle both automatic and semi-automatic ad campaigns.

Digital screens

As one of the first ad-tech companies, we offer advertising on digital screens in real and virtual environments.

Social media

Advertise on the most popular social media platforms.

Web TV & YouTube

With mobile ads on YouTube and Web TV, the reach grows.

Search Medias

We also offer advertising in search channels such as Google Ads.