Automated micro-local advertising
in all traditional media channels.

Advertising arrangements to suit everyone
industries and types of activities

Your website and the advertising system are all you need.
The process can be summarized in 3 steps:

  1. Automatic ads. SpiderAds integrates with your website and reads what you want to advertise, then the system creates the ads.
  2. Publication. SpiderAds is available in all the traditional media channels you want to publish in. The ads then go live.
  3. Reporting. With SpiderAds, you can follow the real-time reporting of ads to you or your customers.

SpiderAds solves and streamlines ad management

Software for automated and semi automated advertising

Your website and SpiderAds advertising system is all that is required. SpiderAds integrates with your website, reads the information contained therein and creates the ads It is a specialized software for fully automated and semi automatic digital advertising.

Throughout the years, media buyers have had major problems advertising in a profitable and time-efficient way, micro-locally. Not to mention the problems of keeping advertising together with centrally controlled advertising templates, optimization, reporting and decentralized invoicing. SpiderAds software solves the advertising process without human intervention optimally for micro-local ad flows. The system is very useful for e.g., retail chains (local product offerings), the automotive industry (new & used cars in stock), the real estate industry (vacant homes, offices & premises for rent and/or sale), public and private sector (recruitment & news advertising) and that in all media channels.